New Layer “Make it true, believe in us” 140 Delivery/Day Deliveries in 48h
with double drivers


Since 2015 we have been operating with about 25 customers every day, many also big in transport in Italy and Europe.

We have acquired a portfolio of around 200 clients in 6 years.

Our goal has been to develop the sector from the very beginning by creating a structure
dynamic and reliable based on young and qualified in the field of transport and related services.


70 road tractors, including 50 standard and 20 lowdeck tractors.

102 road trailers, of which 65 standard tarpaulins, 5 maxi volume tarpaulins, 5 refrigerators including 1 with hydraulic tailgate, 10 maxi volume boxed trailers, 10 tippers, 5 container carriers, 1 fuel tank, 1 open.

3 tractors, of which 1 with length 9.60mt, 1 with length 8.20mt and hydraulic tailgate, 1 with length 8.80mt

1 iveco daily van with sealable long wheelbase for dedicated express work or hanging garments. Capacity 800kg and 5 pallet places

three vans for road assistance