Intermodal Transport and Traction

Intermodal traction from Busto Arsizio, Segrate, Domodossola, Novara and Verona terminals

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Intermodal Tractions, Terminals, International Transport

Transport and Intermodal Services from Terminals Intermodal Traction from Busto Arsizio (Malpensa), Beura-Cardezza (Domodossola), Segrate, Novara and Verona terminals

We offer a dedicated service with tractors and container carriers of different sizes to carry out pick-ups and boarding of semi-trailers or containers arriving in dedicated ports or railway stations and delivering quickly to their destination.

We are present in the intermodal terminals for traction and transport services

Intermodal Terminal of Busto Arsizio (Malpensa)
Intermodal Terminal of Beura-Cadrezza (Domodossola)
Intermodal Terminal “Terminal Italia” of Segrate (Milano)
Intermodal Terminal “CIM” of Novara
Intermodal Terminal “CEMAT” of Verona

Movement of swap bodies and / or containers and movement of goods with 120 quintals forklifts and with the possibility of storage in our parking lot.

70 tractors, with rear tires / 80, / 70 and ludeck; 50 trailers including tarpaulin, open and container ships.

Maintenance and repair for road tractors, tractors, trailers and swap bodies.
Services in our office with forklifts with a capacity of 2000/5000/12000 kg for transshipments and loading arrangements

With Number One Group you can have a vehicle equipped with a GPS system to ensure the safety of making the goods travel alone by tracing their movements.

Call us for a quote, our staff will evaluate the type of transport and after an analysis of the quantity of packages, the type of packaging and the volumes occupied, we will be happy to draw up the right pickup timing and delivery times with you.

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