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With Number One Group you can have a vehicle equipped with a GPS system to ensure the safety

of the goods traveling alone, tracing their movements.

Call us for a quote, our staff will evaluate the type of transport and after an analysis of the amount
of packages, the type of packaging and the volumes occupied, we will be happy to draw up

with you the right timing for collection and delivery times.

We offer a dedicated service with tractors and container carriers of various sizes to carry out
retreats and embarkation of semitrailers or containers arriving at dedicated ports or railway stations

and delivering with expedited timescales at destination.

Moving mobile and / or container crates and moving goods with 120 quintals forklifts and with the possibility of depositing them in our parking.

Availability of a 24 hour video surveillance station with shower service and nearby supermarkets.

50 tractors, with rear tires /80, /70 and ludeck.

50 trailers including cloth-semitrailer, opened and flatcars.

Maintenance and repair for road tractors, tractors, trailers and swap bodies.
Services in our yard with forklift lifting capacity of 2000/5000/12000 kg.

Industrial truck wash systems for heavy vehicles with mt4.40 self service and portal with brushes.

Road assistance for industrial vehicles with equipped van.

Our daily numbers

Services we carry out daily

Our customers

We work with about 25 customers every day, many also big in transport in Italy and Europe.

We have acquired a portfolio of about 200 clients in 6 years.

Our Trucks

70 road tractors

100 trailers of various types

3 tractors

1 long wheelbase van for hanging garments

3 roadside assistance vans

Deliveries - Withdrawals

We carry out around 140 deliveries / collections per day.

How much do we transport?

We mainly transport around 4,060,000 tons per day to Italy and Switzerland

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