Who we are

Our reality is based on decades of work experience of the partners placing
at the head of this is a management from other Italian companies at the top of transport.

Our goal from the beginning has been to develop the sector by creating a structure
dynamic and reliable based on young and qualified personnel in the field of transport
and related services.

The operational headquarters located in Legnano (MI) is spread over an area of ​​10,000 square meters. of which 800 sqm.
covered areas used as an internal workshop and for third parties with a management office building of 100 square meters.

Our company has 50 proprietary tractors and as many semi-trailers
between 30 ‘, 40’ and 45 ‘container ships and curtainsider equipped with raise and lower, cover uncover and mega.

Reach your destination

Intermodal  Terminal Addresses:

C.I.M., Via Carlo Panseri, 118, 28100 Novara, NO
CEMAT, Via Sommacampagna, 32, 37137 Verona, VR
HUPAC, Via Dogana, 8/10, 21052 Busto Arsizio, VA
SCHENKER ITALIANA, Via Domodossola, 6, 28844 Beura-cardezza, VB
PORTO DI SAVONA, Str. Sopraelevata, 17100 Savona, SV
INTERPORTO SI.TO., Km 20+500 tang. sud – Prima Strada, 2,
10043 Orbassano, TO
GENOA TERMINALI, Viale Africa, 16149 Genova, GE

Operational Department:

Fabrizio lovison

Trucking Teamleader

Samuele Zito

Logistics Department

Mistrello Marco

Logistics Department

Sabrina Amato

Logistics Department

Commercial Department:

Fabio Scudelari 

Commercial Manager

Administrative Department:

Michela Colombo

Administrative Employed

Lucia Saponara 

Administrative Manager

Laura Scarioni

Claims Manager

Financial Department:

Stefano Vallenzasca 

Financial Manager

Billing/Purchaising Department:

Andrea Colombo 



Fezga Florian


Bruni Felipe Enzo


Bruni Gabriele